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Boyd is the world's leading innovator in sustainable engineered material and thermal solutions that make our customers’ products better, safer, faster, and more reliable. We develop and combine technologies to solve ambitious performance targets in our customers’ most critical applications. By implementing technologies and material science in novel ways to seal, protect, cool, and interface, Boyd has continually redefined the possible and championed customer success for over 90 years.

Innovation demands for smaller, lighter, and faster technologies with intuitive new features compete with the need for more sustainable solutions. More smart functionality operating faster in tighter spaces with more sophisticated interfaces mean increased power density and more heat, electrical, and mechanical challenges. Adding further complexity, devices are used in unpredictable environments with harsh conditions and must be contaminant and waterproof, insulated against temperature extremes, and ruggedized. Not only are we determined to find solutions to these challenges, Boyd strives to simplify where possible and create the most wholistic, effective, and sustainable solutions.

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Highly Engineered Optical Films for Mobile Electronics and Display Systems (Optical Components) Advanced optical films provide a number of screen enhancements in today's mobile electronics and display systems. Inclusive of directional light-control films, anti-glare films, device-protective... (View Full Article)
Bond, Thermal Bond: An Overview on Bonded Fin Heat Sinks (Heating and Cooling Equipment) Aavid Genie has a bonded fin heat sink as one of the options available to you in the Technology Matrix. For those unfamiliar to them, a bonded fin heat sink consists of 3 main parts: a base with... (View Full Article)