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Category: Ceramic Fabrication Services
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CRYSTEX Composites LLC, Machinable Ceramics

Mykroy/Mycalex (MM) Glass bonded mica material is a trade name of CRYSTEX Composites LLC. Since 1921, Mykroy/Mycalex composite remains the most versatile and efficient electrical and thermal-insulating materials refined to meet the exacting demands of technical markets. MM material is the only mineral, fully inorganic material, to bridge the performance gap between organic plastics and mineral ceramics. Mykroy/Mycalex material is a union, under simultaneous pressure and heat, of finely powdered electrical quality glass and precisely defined and classified mica. The resulting stone-like, dense ceramic, inherits all the insulating advantages of both constituents. It can be easily machined to close tolerances or transfer molded into intricate shapes with or without metal inserts. MM material is impervious to moisture, and does not outgas under high temperature or in vacuum environments. It manifests exceptional dimensional stability even at high temperature. It does not burn or carbonize and has an unlimited shelf life.

CRYSTEX Composites LLC, FabricationUnique in the United States, CRYSTEX Composites LLC has produced its own Synthetic Mica since 1955.

Crystex Composites LLC provides its customers with full machining capabilities and multiple grade offerings. Operating temperature capabilities range from cryogenic to 870°C/1600°F; each grade contains different combinations of glasses and mica that are optimized for thermal and electrical insulation properties.

  • Machinable Grades: Sheets, Discs & Rods
  • Moldable Grades: Custom made parts

CRYSTEX Composites LLC, FabricationApplications: Surgical device insulator, vacuum components in CVD and plasma chambers, high temperature thermal and electrical insulators, corona treating insulator, high intensity light focusing structures, plastic and rubber sealing jaws etc…Everything from glass handling to the national defense.

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