Since 1976, CIGI has been manufacturing the most reliable, rugged X-ray thickness-gauging equipment available. What makes this equipment so unique is its combination of "brains" and "brawn".  With a foolproof Operator Interface that features an easy-to-use touch screen, and an indestructible C-frame with state-of-the-art modules, these units will still be on the job when the others are in the scrap heap.  All are supported by a comprehensive service and training program, making CIGI's products a tremendous overall value.

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How X-Ray Gauges Work

A calibrated level of x-ray is directed through the product material.  Thickness changes in the product produce changes in the emerging x-ray level, which is then detected, electronically translated and presented to the operator on a computer display.  Analog outputs are available for Automatic Gauge Control, process monitoring or data logging.  The x-ray generator is mounted below the product pass-line.  The x-ray detector is mounted above the pass-line and in-line with the x-ray beam.  An integral lead shutter completely absorbs the x-ray beam in the "closed" position, and will allow the x-ray beam to penetrate the product in the "open" position.

To ensure gauge accuracy, the x-ray detector system is standardized to a known thickness.  When this known thickness is removed from the beam and the product material passes into the beam, the emerging detector signal will be unchanged if the product material is the same thickness and composition as the known sample.

If the product material thickness is greater or lesser than the known standard thickness, then the detected x-ray level will be changed inversely proportionally, and thus provide an identifiable deviation from the standard sample.

X-ray generation and detection systems are coupled with powerful computer and PLC equipment to produce "state-of-the-art" thickness sensors.  The entire strip rolling range from aluminum foil to steel plate can be served by one of the four models available (30, 50, 75 and 150 kV).

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