We have been a leader in the fastener industry for over 30 years. As distribution and sourcing experts, we have successfully expanded our product portfolio to include builders hardware, rope, chain and accessories, rod & steel and garage storage.

Fresh, Innovative Solutions That Drive Profitability

At Crown Bolt, we believe that doing things better often means doing them differently. Ignoring the status quo and relentlessly seeking new and more profitable possibilities.

Since our founding in 1981, we’ve challenged ourselves—and the industry—to find more effective ways to design, distribute, package and sell retail hardware solutions.

We have been unwilling to settle for average or ordinary, and with this fresh new approach we promise to improve customers’ results through a culture of quality and innovation. In short order, we redefined what it means to be a retail supplier partner.

More Than Just Products

A true partner supplies more than just products. In the demanding world of hardware retailing a true partner supplies success—and supplies it often—through programs that drive retail efficiency, competitive advantage and increased profitability.

Today, from our corporate headquarters in Aliso Viejo, CA, and from four strategically located distribution centers, Crown Bolt provides fresh new business-building programs to hardware retailers across North America.

Meeting Your Needs Today And Well Into The Future.

Greater Retail Efficiency: We provide you with over 98% fill rates and order accuracy, as well as a flexible range of service options. By focusing on innovative processes and technologies, we deliver the right product at the right time. Through lower buy pack quantities and exclusive product features we enable you to have faster turns and higher margins.

Competitive Advantage: As your supplier partner, Crown Bolt helps differentiate you from your competitors’ by providing product, merchandising and packaging innovations that take your customers’ in-store experience—what we call “shop-ability”—to a whole new level.

Increased Profitability: Everything we do—every service, every program, every innovation—is geared toward reducing your costs, generating new sales or expanding GMROI.

We think retail efficiency.
We think competitive advantage.
We think profitability.

We are Crown Bolt.

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