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Category: Automated Assembly Equipment
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DWFritz Automation designs and builds sophisticated, turnkey, custom automation systems for multiple industries such as high-tech, medical device, semiconductor, and consumer products. They have significant experience with technologies such as:

  • Robotics
  • High speed and precision part assembly
  • Machine vision (both low cost and high-performance)
  • Precision lamination/thermal bonding using heat and pressure
  • Automated inspection
  • Ultra-precision servo control
  • Material handling
  • Wafer handling and inspection
  • Precision dispensing
  • Precision positioning/pick & place of dies onto wafers
  • Integration of off-the-shelf systems with custom equipment

DWFritz Automation Offers

Full Service:
DWFritz offers analysis, specification, design, prototyping, system fabrication, testing, and installation of sophisticated automated manufacturing systems.

Creative Solutions:
DWFritz' designs combine the creative use of new technology with practical, proven engineering concepts. The result is simple: a cost-effective system that meets or exceeds your automation requirements.

Turnkey Systems:
DWFritz will work closely with your team to design a system that meets your needs. They then build, shop test, and install it.

Project Management:
DWFritz takes full responsibility for the project. They manage every detail from concept through fabrication, assembly, testing, installation, and support.

Experienced Design Team:
DWFritz' engineers average more than 14 years experience in the automation industry and bring that knowledge to your project. They have four Professional Engineers on staff.

DWFritz knows from experience that simple designs work better and last longer. 95% of their machines are installed in a production environment requiring 24/7/365 operation.


Competitive Pricing:
Simple designs and careful project management keep costs down and increase value.

On-Time Delivery:
Comprehensive project management, plus commitment, enables DWFritz to execute and deliver your project on schedule.

All installations are covered by warranty. On-going service, upgrades, and maintenance are available from the very same team who built your machine. In addition, DWFritz has a 24/7 support line.

DWFritz has over 28,000 square feet in their facility, including over 18,000 square feet of assembly area and over 500 square feet of Class 10,000 clean room.

DWFritz offers on-site training for all installations.

Each project team includes an experienced, full-time technical writer who directs the documentation of every DWFritz Automation project.

CE certification:
DWFritz routinely CE certifies their systems for European delivery.

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