High performance, sensor to browser systems that you can fully customize for your most demanding applications.

DaqScribe Solutions, LLC is a provider of a full spectrum of products for Test and Measurement applications primarily in the military, aerospace and automotive markets. DaqScribe Solutions introduced an innovative high-speed Digital Data Recorder product line along with High Performance Signal Conditioning front ends. By integrating these key system elements with a powerful data acquisition software package, called DaqHunter, the resulting systems offer turn-key solutions for virtually any application.

DaqScribe Solutions provides a broad range of system building blocks, sold separately or as a total system solution. The majority of their products are network centric and have the foundation to become LXI compliant.

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Signal Conditioning

DaqScribe Solutions offers a broad range of cost effective and also high performance signal conditioning front ends. Supported are TCs, RTD, Strain gage, ICP, Charge Amplifiers, and Dynamic Strain. These are available in 1U, 2U, and 3U size compact chassis with optional built-in A/D digitizers.

Digital Data Recorders

High Speed and High Performance Turn-Key Data Recorders in rack-mount and portable configurations. Max Bandwidth of 20 MHz, and aggregate recording rates of up to 400 MBytes/Sec are achieved with the integral RAID storage technology. Internal storage capacity of up to 13.0 Terabytes can be achieved. These recorders are ideally suited to replace analog or single purpose digital data recorders. They can interface easily to a wide variety of signal conditioning front ends providing a total solution.

Description: Daqscribe Solutions, LLC
Description: Daqscribe Solutions, LLC

Data Acquisition Software

A number of software options are available from DaqScribe Solutions. DaqHunter, Data Exporter, Data Viewer, Simple Calibration and Safari are modules which provide turnkey capability for the full line of DaqScribe hardware. Additionally DaqScribe Solutions is a channel partner of the DSP Development Company the provider of Dadisp post processing modules.

DaqHunter data acquisition software provides powerful configuration and control of any data acquisition system in a simple to use package for turn-key operation. Ideally suited for the DDR line of data acquisition systems, the software also supports third party signal conditioning equipment, allowing for complete test control from a single software package.

Accessories & Custom Panels

DaqScribe Solutions offers an extensive array of system integration accessories including: Buffer Amplifiers, Attenuators, Filters, and Termination Panels in 1U and 2U sizes, Also included are Cables, Connectors, BNC and Custom connector termination panels.

Description: Daqscribe Solutions, LLC


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