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Category: Flat Mirrors
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At Dayoptics Inc., our commitment is to continuously offer our customers the highest performance optical and crystal solutions with on time delivery and a competitive price. Dayoptics consistently searches for better solutions to optimize productivity, efficiency and product performance. Our internal Quality Management System and advanced ERP system have helped Dayoptics to gain the ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

Innovation of your laser power is Dayoptics goal. At the center of Dayoptics technology is continuous development of high power high damage threshold products. By taking advantage of maintaining an excellent team of scientists, engineers and technicians, Dayoptics developed unique technologies to produce high power series to meet increasing marketing demand. Whether the special optical contacting technique and polarization coating process enable the damage threshold of polarization beamsplitter reaches ~15J/cm2 @ 1064nm 20ns, 20Hz, or certify the high extinction ratio of waveplate, the testing data speaks everything. Moreover, Dayoptics can satisfy either high or low volume manufacturing requirements at a very competitive price.

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Isolator (Optical Components) Isolator is composed of a Farady rotator,which consists of a magneto-optic material contained in a magnetic field, and two suitably arrayed polarizers.The purpose of an isolator is to reduce or... (View Full Article)
Ellipsometer (Optical Components) Theory of Ellipsometry After reflection on a sample surface, a linearly polarized light beam is generally elliptically polarized. The reflected light has phase changes that are different for electric... (View Full Article)