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Category: Pressure Sensors
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Dytran Instruments, Inc. has been serving the test and measurement community with innovative products and outstanding customer service for over thirty years.  Their expansive product line includes piezoelectric and DC MEMS accelerometers, piezoelectric force and pressure sensors, impulse hammers, cable assemblies and support electronics.  Dytran sensors can be found in a myriad of interesting and challenging applications on land, underwater and in the air.  The most popular applications where Dytran products are used can be found in the list below.

Dytran Instruments, Inc.Aerospace and Defense

  • Flight and flutter testing (airborne)
  • Health & Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
  • Ground Vibration Testing (GVT)
  • Satellite testing
  • Landing gear assemblies
  • Rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft monitoring
  • High g shock testing

Automotive Testing

  • Component durability
  • Modal analysis/body-in-white
  • Crash and airbag safety testing
  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
  • Squeak and rattle evaluation
  • Transmission testing
  • Ride quality and other vehicle dynamics

General Laboratory Testing

  • Product response
  • Mechanical impact
  • Package design integrity
  • PC boards and assemblies
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)

Dytran Instruments, Inc.Trusted, Field Proven Experience
Founded by well known sensor industry veteran Nick Change in 1980, Dytran Instruments has its origins as a small piezoelectric sensing house specializing in the design and manufacture of accelerometers, load cells, pressure transducers and impulse hammers.  Since its founding, Dytran has built a solid 35 year industry reputation for trusted, field proven experience in the design and manufacture of sensors for dynamic testing.  Today, Dytran’s broad product line also includes single axis and triaxial DC MEMS style accelerometers utilizing state-of-the-art variable capacitance accelerometer sensing elements.  The company continues to operate as a privately held, family owned business with second generation leadership, including its General Manager, Technical Director and Chief Financial Officer.  Since their found, Dytran has gained recognition as one of the fastest growing sensor manufacturers of its kind in the world, presently expanding its sales reach into more than 40 countries.

Dytran Instruments, Inc.Dedicated In-House Manufacturing
Headquartered in Chatsworth, California, USA, Dytran is approximately 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley.  The corporate headquarters is home to a 30,000 square foot, AS9100 and ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility, and incorporates the use of state-of-the-art equipment, manufacturing amenities and product testing facilities to ensure high throughput, high quality end product.  This includes a full in-house CNC machine shop operating in three shifts, an extensive engineering laboratory and dedicated service area.  In 2010 Dytran completed a major facility expansion and upgrade, which included a strong focus towards lean manufacturing.

This infrastructure affords Dytran the capabilities to custom design and package nearly any sensor, connector or cable to precise customer or program requirements with highly competitive pricing and lead times.  Calibration services are A2LA accredited to the ISO 17025 standard, ensuring product quality and uniformity, all tested according to rigorous in-house standards.  More information about Dytran’s custom capabilities and service offerings may be found on pages 161 and 162 in the appendix of this catalog.

Dytran Instruments, Inc.Dytran is proud of its commitment to the design and manufacture of all of its products in the USA.



Investment in R&D and Engineering
Dytran Instruments believes in the value of dedicated R&D and engineering resources for ongoing development of new sensors, components, connectors and cables.  This commitment allows Dytran products to set an industry benchmark for performance and quality.  All sensor designs are created and managed in the latest version of SolidWorks, providing customers with the necessary engineering tools to plug sensor specifications directly into OEM prototype designs, ensuring their compatibility within intended application environments.

The Dytran Difference
For over 30 years, Dytran has centered its business operations around a consistent set of guiding principles:

  • We learn from our customers
  • We educate our customers
  • We provide solutions to our customers
  • We build lasting relationships with our customers

Dytran prides itself on developing close working relationships with customers and responding quickly to their needs.  This “people factor” is what has made Dytran a success and continues to propel the company forward.

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