Edward Segal founded Edward Segal Inc. in New York City in 1942 to repair and sell used machinery. This was an opportune time to enter the used machinery business, as there was an abundant stock of surplus machinery that had been used to support the war efforts. A great deal of this machinery was attaching equipment, encompassing riveting, snap fastening and some grommetting.

The challenge that faced Edward Segal, Inc. during its infancy was to reengineer the machinery so it would be attractive to industry. There were already several manufacturers of eyelet and grommet attaching machinery that had products available in the market. However, where industry may have assembly parts that required multiple eyelets, the eyeleting industry only catered to single setting applications. Edward Segal, Inc. distinguished itself by marketing a multiple setting concept to a major manufacturer of electronic hardware. The electronics firm agreed to make a major purchase of Segal machinery if they could deliver 3 machines, each capable of feeding and setting 3 eyelets simultaneously. This undertaking proved to be a major success and propelled Edward Segal, Inc. to the top of its field.

Since that time, Edward Segal, Inc. developed an extensive product line that includes a wide variety of eyelet rivet and grommet attaching machines, as well as possessing the capabilities to design and manufacture custom assembly systems. The markets served by their Company encompass all major forms of manufacturing, including automotive, circuit boards, textiles, toys, electronics, tents, flags, banners, and a host of others.

Edward Segal, Inc. relocated to Thomaston, Connecticut in 1972 and continues to be a family owned business, under the leadership of the 3rd Segal generation.

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