GE Digital Energy

Digital Energy, a division of GE Energy, is a major solutions provider and thought leader for the Energy, Oil and Gas, Communications, Transportation, Paper and Heavy Industry markets. Our solutions modernize and optimize how we generate, move and consume energy and resources. Our global team of more than 5,000 employees are inventing, improving and integrating communications, automation, and power delivery technologies to provide new capabilities and reliable, efficient performance unheard of just a generation ago.

From deploying communications and software solutions that enable consumers to understand and manage energy and resource usage, to championing leading-edge technologies that make clean, renewable energy an everyday reality, Digital Energy is delivering the breakthroughs that will power our planet and optimize operations for the next hundred years. Our executives are leading the charge, serving on standards boards, industry task forces and government advisory committees, sharing our unmatched experience and expertise to help overcome the capacity and environmental challenges of an increasingly electrified world.

We are delivering Real. Smart. Solutions today.

We offer solutions to help our customers in a variety of areas:

Infrastructure Improvements

  • System planning/design
  • Power delivery equipment & systems
  • Turnkey delivery


  • Enables visualization of assets
  • Power system reconfiguration
  • Communications enabling AMI

Reliability & Optimization

  • Self healing power systems
  • Network/asset planning & management systems
  • Substation & feeder automation
  • Equipment monitoring & diagnostics

Safety & Security

  • Personnel & public safety
  • Availability of electrical assets
  • Cyber security & private networks

Workforce Automation

  • Outage managements systems
  • Mobile workforce solutions
  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics


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