Galil Motion Control is the leading supplier of motion controllers and PLCs with over 750,000 controllers installed world-wide. Galil's controllers are high-performance, cost-effective, easy-to-use and backed by a superior technical support team. Galil's range of motion controllers includes card-level and box-level controllers for PCI, Ethernet/RS232 and other platforms. Recently, Galil has introduced their 5th generation single and multi-axis Ethernet motion controllers including the high-speed DMC-40x0 motion controllers, lower cost DMC-41x3 motion controllers, and the single-axis DMC-30000 motion controller series. Galil also offers the RIO PLC series for intelligent I/O control over Ethernet. Plug-in drives for steppers and servos provide a complete motion solution with minimal cost and wiring. Galil offers many free, on-line educational tools including demonstration videos, tutorials, application notes and downloadable motion code.

Galil's latest generation controllers include:

  • DMC-40x0 Series - Ethernet/RS232 Controllers with plug-in, multi-axis stepper and servo drives
  • DMC-41x3  Series Ethernet/RS232 Controllers with plug-in, multi-axis stepper and servo drives
  • DMC-30000  Motion Contoller Series - Single-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with plug-in stepper or servo drive
  • RIO PLC Series - Intellegent Ethernet I/O controller with 32 digital and 16 analog I/O

Galil Motion Control, DMC-40x0 Accelera Ethernet / RS232
DMC-40x0 Ethernet Motion
Controller with Plug-in Drives

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