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Category: UV Disinfection and UVGI Sanitization Systems
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UV Technology, Infrared Heat and Light Sources for Industrial and Analytical Processes

Solving your challenges is our top priority. Whether you want to optimize existing applications or win new markets - productive light gives you a lasting competitive edge. Our high quality photonic solutions from ultraviolet to infrared provide better financial returns, improved process reliability and more innovation in your industrial manufacturing, disinfection, scientific and medical applications. Learn more about applications in your industry.

Infrared Emitters and Systems

Our infrared emitters and modules find use in numerous industrial heat processes: Drying and curing of coatings, forming, embossing, laminating, joining, welding, browning, heating, preheating and germ reduction. Our wide range of IR products and testing capabilities enables you to find the ideal solution for your industrial process. 

UV Lamps and Systems

We offer the widest range of UV curing and UV disinfection solutions. For UV curing we offer lamps and complete systems including mercury arc lamps, and LED and microwave-powered UV curing systems for a wide range of manufacturing process applications for curing adhesives, inks and coatings.

We provide UV disinfection products for surface and air treatment and also for water treatment. Our UV disinfection systems help you fight against COVID-19 pathogens and other viruses and bacteria in buildings, public transportation, on food packaging and meat processing lines. Or select products to reduce odors or treat pollutants in air or water.

Lamps and Modules for Analytical Optical Devices

Modern analysis instruments need quality light sources to optimize their performance capability. Deuterium lamps, hollow-cathode lamps and other special light sources from Heraeus are not only designed for long life, but also for maximum, reproducible precision and stability. Our FiberLight® product family offers specialty light sources ideal for applications with limited space in the equipment, whether stationary, portable, handheld or even battery-driven instruments.

Arc and Flash Lamps

Heraeus designs and manufactures Xenon and Krypton Arc and Flash Lamps. An automated lamp production line, unique in the laser lamp industry, ensures we deliver the very best quality and reliability to our customers.

For Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) manufacturers, the choice is no longer limited to laser, infrared or hot gas. Heraeus Noblelight's new humm3™ technology is a sophisticated pulsed light solution which delivers uniform, highly controllable heat to the nip point area, over a wide range of temperatures.

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