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The Hermetic Solutions Group brings four leading hermetic component manufacturing and service companies (Hi-Rel Group, LitronPA&E, and Sinclair Manufacturing) together under a single umbrella – providing our customers with an end-to-end solution for turn-key hermetic packaging.

With 223,000 square feet of manufacturing space over locations on the east and west coasts of the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom and our decades of experience in providing high-reliability hermetic components, the Hermetic Solutions Group is uniquely positioned to address our customers' most demanding engineering and manufacturing requirements.

The Hermetic Solutions Group delivers state-of-the-art products through its innovative manufacturing capabilities, unique materials, process, and our dedication to highly responsive customer service. Our customers include leading manufacturers in the aerospace & defense, energy, medical, and optical networking industries that require no-compromise solutions to complex hermetic component engineering challenges.

 The Hermetic Solutions Group focuses on these product and service areas:

Hermetic Electronic Packaging, Connectors, & Explosively Bonded Metals

We bring customers' hermetic electronic package designs to life and use unique materials and manufacturing process to help optimize for weight savings, footprint reduction, thermal transfer and more. Whether it's a complex RF communication module on the latest fighter aircraft, a life-saving implantable cardiac device or deep-well oil tools that must withstand very high pressures and temperatures, we deliver the packaging and connector solutions ensure the electronics within those devices are unaffected by whatever extreme environmental condition they operate in.

Our Micro-, Nano-, Sub-D, and 38999 style connectors all meet or exceed their respective military specification standards. They feature unique ceramic-to-metal sealing technology designed to provide better long-term reliability and electrical performance when compared to standard glass-seal technology.

Hermetic Solutions Group's RF connectors use our explosive metal welding technology that allow us to combine ferrous and non-ferrous metals and integrate high-performance RF connectors into light, thermally conductive aluminum housings.

Enabling Components

There's more to a reliable hermetic package solution than a box and connectors and the Hermetic Solutions Group manufactures a variety of packaging components to help ensure a module's long term viability. Our getter solutions prevents build-up of unwanted contaminants, ensuring a robust hermetic environment.  We build custom solder preforms that aid in attaching electronic circuitry and packaging electronic devices and provide ring frames that become integral side walls of a hermetic package, creating environmental separation.

In instances where thermal management is an issue, the Hermetic Solutions Group's custom thermal spreaders ensure that heat from a microelectronic chip or substrate is efficiently dissipated. Of course to top things off, we also manufacture package lids designed to be laser welded or seam sealed to a package.

Laser Services & Integration

The Hermetic Solutions Group provides high-speed laser welding, sealing and marking with consistent accuracy, using:

  • TRUMPF YAG Lasers

  • High Velocity Soot Removal

  • Aerotech and Fanuc Controllers

  • Pulse and Continuous Wave Lasers

Our laser welding expertise also extends to the manufacture of custom designed/build laser welding, cutting and sealing systems for customers who wish to bring those capabilities in house.

The Hermetic Solutions Group has a state-of-the-art class cleanroom that's used for the final integration of electronic components into microwave and RF implantable device packages.

For our medical device customers, we also offer final packaging and sterilization services in our ISO Class 7 clean room. We offer medical device packaging, tray sealing and pouch sealing based on your needs. Sterilization is done with Ethylene oxide – low temperature and compatible with a wide variety of materials.

Aerospace & Defense


Optical Networking



The Hermetic Solutions Group provides products and services designed to protect sensitive electronics in harsh environments.


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