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Category: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication Services
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IMET Corporation - Industrial DesignGetting It Right the First Time

IMET Corporation’s "get it right the first time" approach to product development ensures that complete solutions for your design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing needs are delivered right the first time and on time.  With extensive staff capabilities and solid strategic alliances, we can assemble the right team of specialists to fit your specific needs.  Whether you’re looking for full-service turnkey development or an outside resource to fill in certain gaps, IMET will provide the management and industry expertise to streamline the process for high quality results that positively impact your bottom line.

Full Service Product Development

IMET Corporation - Electrical EngineeringIMET Corporation offers clients comprehensive product development solutions that bring concepts to full term.  Our unique blend of services allows you to utilize IMET as a single point of contact for all aspects ranging from industrial design to manufacturing.  We leverage the skills of our staff specialists to develop aesthetic, functional and cost-effective design solutions that are both innovative and marketable.

From new concepts to redesign, IMET is committed to providing turnkey services through a proven process tailored to the requirements of your business goals.

IMET Corporation - ManufacturingQuick Turn Prototyping & Manufacturing

IMET Corporation also has the ability to handle projects at any point in their development stage including prototyping or small and large scale manufacturing.  We provide these services in-house, offering you quick turnaround and flexibility in volumes. We can assemble printed circuit boards and cables or execute box builds in any quantity- even one or two if that is your requirement.  IMET’s assembly service is separate from engineering, so we welcome quotes for assembly services only.

Why IMET Corporation?

IMET Corporation - Manufacturing IMET Corporation strives to "get it right the first time," saving our clients the expense and headaches of poorly organized and executed projects.  We focus our resources on providing full and complete product solutions in a streamlined, timely fashion.  With IMET managing your product’s development, you’ll receive professional support, innovative designs and a high-quality final product, along with the full package of native files used to create your design.

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