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ITT Cannon

ITT Cannon is a global manufacturer and supplier of connectors, interconnects, cable assemblies, I/O card kits, LAN components, and highly-engineered custom solutions. The portfolio of brands includes Cannon, VEAM, and BIW Connector Systems.

ITT Cannon is part of ITT Corporation, a $2.1 billion global engineering and manufacturing company. View their parent Company Profile and Investor Relations information.

Cannon, VEAM, and BIW Connector Systems: Defining and Championing Innovation Showcasing a portfolio of creativity, ITT's "Engineered for Life" execution embraces products which have become ubiquitous in a broad collection of markets including: Military / Aerospace, Civil Aircraft, Industrial / Instrumentation, Medical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Transportation, Telecom / Handsets, Computer / Consumer, and Automotive.

ITT's rich interconnect history embraces contributions to both technological breakthroughs and social movements. With one of the industry's broadest product offerings, ITT's interconnect products have supported:

ITT Cannon

  • ITT CannonEvery Free World space mission, bringing the universe to their doorstep.
  • Motion picture, radio, and television equipment, serving laughter and entertainment to millions.
  • Commercial and military communications systems, linking the voices of the world.
  • Computerized tools, reshaping the information highway.
  • Aircraft, rapid transit, and automobiles, mobilizing their expanding society.
  • Oil and natural gas production, powering the world's economies.
  • Agricultural equipment, attacking the roots of world hunger

ITT CannonITT CannonTheir global presence supports the following:

  • Manufacturing sites worldwide
  • Rapid tooling/prototyping
  • Fast time-to-market
  • High volume/high yield capacity
  • Robust design and Integrated Product Development Off-the-shelf availability of product through a worldwide distributor network Lean process execution incorporating 6 Sigma principles

ITT offers complete engineering, manufacturing and customer service capabilities through their operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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