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Category: Quarter Turn Fasteners
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With Standard Machine Elements and Standard Fixturing Components at the core of our products, we further expand our product range by developing high-functional labor-saving elements and high-precision fixturing components with the knowledge and expertise we have cultivated over the years.

Constantly pushing our own limits, we aim to provide our customers engaged in manufacturing with better, more valuable, highly innovative products and services.

Standard Machine Elements — Connecting Humans and Machines with Ideas
Standard Machine Elements Since 1967 when we pioneered the development of standard machine handles in Japan, we, as a leading supplier of standard machine elements, have pursued the development of user-friendly standard machine elements with superior safety and functionality. Also, we actively formed a partnership with overseas manufacturers who share a philosophy with standardization to provide excellent machinery parts for Japanese users with our quality assurance and safety guarantee. We will continue meeting our customers' diverse needs with our huge selection of machine elements full of ideas.
Standard Fixturing Components — Best Solution for Your Workholding!
Standard Fixturing Components Today efficient low-volume production of diversified products are in great demand and the key to better productivity is using fixtures that can flexibly be adapted to many different workpieces.

In 1983 we started manufacturing and selling our first standard fixture components "Block Jig System". Since then, we have been expanding our lineup with creative fixture components to contribute to improving productivity for our customers engaged in manufacture.

Now we are one of the most well-recognized and appreciated manufacturers of fixtures and clamping components among customers. We, as a professional supplier of standard fixture components, will continue contributing to our customers' manufacturing.

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