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For over 70 years Insl-x Products has been providing the finest in specialty problem solving paints, varnishes and industrial coatings. Insl-x is a leading manufacturer of architectural specialty primers, masonry coatings, garage floor paints, cabinet finishes, pool paints, industrial epoxies, industrial enamels and urethanes, moisture cured systems, lead encapsulating paints, freezer coatings and more.

Every Insl-x product is backed by years of extensive research and development, bringing you the highest quality and most advanced paints and coatings available today.

Insl-x Products Choose from a large collection of special stain killing and bonding primers. Their cabinet finishes, garage floor coatings and tough enamels will keep your home looking great and protected for many years. If you have a pool, Insl-x pool paints are renowned for their performance durability.

Insl-x ProductsInsl-x offers the widest range of commercial and industrial coatings for any project. Choose from a large selection of enamels and specialty coatings, to high performance epoxies and urethanes.

Count on Insl-x to deliver the right products and unsurpassed performance for any job.

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