Integra Technologies, Inc.

Integra Tech is a Global Supplier of high power RF and Microwave Transistors and Amplifier Modules to Broadcast, Radar and Avionics equipment manufacturers


Integra Technologies, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of state of the art RF power transistors, pallets and RF high power amplifiers (HPA). The facility produces 150mm (6”) wafers in its 300 square meter Class-100 clean room. In addition, device assembly and 100% functional testing are performed onsite using fully automated equipment.

Integra’s patent protected technology consists of BIPOLAR, VDMOS and LDMOS transistors, for Radar, avionics, ECM and other communication applications.

In 2009 Integra launched a program to develop GaN RF power transistors.  They have achieved impressive performance at S-Band and are in the process of developing samples for Radar applications.

Integra excels by providing the highest power, gain and efficiency devices available. Extensive technical support and application specific designs make Integra the preferred choice for your system.

At its inception, Integra operated using a fabless model, producing die in both Silicon Valley and Asia. After several years it became apparent that the wafer fabrication process would need to be performed onsite to ensure consistent high quality devices. It was at this point that Integra built the largest and most modern all gold metal wafer fab in the world. They now have the capacity to fabricate 250 6” (150mm) wafers/month, enough to assemble more than 20,000 devices/month.

Integra Technologies, Inc.Integra Technologies has continued to expand in size and capability and has recently added an additional building adjacent to the primary facility, increasing overall square footage by 50%. This additional space will allow for new automated die attach, wire bonding and RF test equipment, and will enable significant increases in production efficiency and throughput.

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