Since 1960, JenFab has developed innovative technology for aqueous cleaning systems. Creator of the world’s first fully automated; vertical agitation parts washers and cleaning systems, with basket rotation under solution in a drying chamber.

By 1970, JenFab was providing ultrasonic precision cleaning systems for the automotive, aviation and bio-medical industries.

Today, JenFab offers the most extensive line of standard and custom automated spray washers, immersion parts washers, and ultrasonic cleaning systems. A wide variety of multiple stage, central, cellular and in-line cleaning requirements can be accomplished. The result is 100% clean and dry parts, with higher throughput than competing systems, and at competitive prices.

Product Line Capabilities Include:JENFAB

  • Aqueous Parts Washers
  • Cellular Lean Washers
  • Drum Washers with Spray Immersion Rotary
  • In-line Automated Vertical Agitation
  • Rotating Basket / Specialized Fixture
  • Conveyor Parts Washers
  • Agitation Parts Washers
  • Turbulation Parts Washers
  • Ultrasonic Parts Washers
  • Bench / Tabletop Tanks
  • Robotic Hoist / Monorail
  • Oil Separation, Skimming or Coalescing
  • Chip Collection / Removal

Industries Installed:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Battery
  • Bearing Industry
  • Die Cast
  • Electronics
  • Fastener
  • General Manufacturing  
  • Machined Parts
  • Medical
  • Metal Finishing
  • Military
  • Plastic
  • Precision Stamping
  • Rubber
  • Screw Machine
  • Valve Components

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