JIT Industries, Inc.

JIT Industries is an 8(a) certified, female, Native American company that designs, manufactures, repairs and services fluid power cylinders.  JIT Industries has two manufacturing facilities with over 45 employees and 600 years of fluid power service experience. Their core business purpose is working to keep manufacturing in America by providing smart and cost effective cylinder solutions.  Today they have developed four unique divisions that enhance and streamline their manufacturing and service capabilities.  Identified below are brief bullet points about their divisions and some of JIT's capabilities. 

  • JIT Cylinders
    • Design and manufacture hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, valve actuators, accumulators, tanks, intensifiers and manifolds
      • Maximum Bore Size = 65”
      • Maximum Stroke Length = 1000
      • Maximum Operating Pressure = 15,000 psi
      • Emergency Response Teams On Call
  • JIT Fluid Power Repair with 40 Ton Overhead
    • Repair all makes and models of fluid power components
    • 365 Day Emergency Service
    • Pick up and Delivery Services
    • Up to 65” bore and 100’ Strokes
    • 80% Fixed Cost Repair Contracts
  • JIT Engineering
    • Reverse Engineer components and systems
    • Supply “Certified Drawings Packages”
    • Enhanced Manufacturing Effectiveness
    • Improved Repaired Repeatability
  • JIT Maintenance
    • On-Site and On-Call 24 hour fluid power maintenance service
    • Common tasks include:
      • Develop preventive and predictive maintenance plans
      • Survey fluid power components to ensure maximum system effectiveness
      • Purge and clean all power unit components and tanks
      • Charge accumulators
      • Repair cylinders that are still on the machine
      • Clean and maintain valve stacks
      • Eliminate hydraulic and pneumatic leaks
JIT Industries, Inc.

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