Jayco is a unique provider of custom input technology solutions; they are focused and committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing superior products for professional and other high-end applications.

They operate two companies united by a common philosophy and desire to exceed customer expectations.

Jayco Interface Technology, Inc. At a time when electronic switches were in their infancy, and used primarily for games and toys, their founder, Mr. Dhansuk Mistry, had a vision to take this fledgling technology into areas unimagined by his peers. In 1980 he formed Jayco Interface Technology, Inc. to do just that, and soon their switches were gracing products as diverse as personal computers, weighing machines, communications equipment, navigation devices and medical instrumentation. Starting with simple non-tactile membrane switches, they rapidly introduced several innovations including embossing, tactile feedback, and backlighting that multiplied their acceptance in a number of new technology markets.

In 1984 his son, Hemant Mistry, joined the company with 8 years of front panel experience working in England. He added several new products to their portfolio like hybrid flat panel switches mounted on PCBs, silicone rubber keypads, touch screens, and complete control panel assemblies. Today Jayco Interface Technology is unparalleled in its service to industrial, medical, aerospace, and high-end consumer markets with products that offer exceptional value and performance. Dhansuk Mistry retired in 1986 when Hemant Mistry took over leadership of the company. He was joined in 1988 by Shaila Rao Mistry to complete a smooth transition to the next generation.

Jayco mmi, Inc. was formed in 1993 as a majority Woman Owned Small Business to bring new technologies to their customers and expand into new markets. Jayco has since grown to provide a very broad array of Human-Machine Interface products and services to a variety of demanding industries. They are ITAR registered and a recognized supplier of HMI equipment for tough military and aerospace applications.

Clear display of information is key to the HMI experience and Jayco is proud to offer a broad range of Sunlight Readable LCD Displays with low power LED backlighting featuring brightness and clarity far superior to conventional displays. With two distinct product lines they cover the full range of applications from commercial to ruggedized and waterproof displays for marine and defense.

In addition to their defense and display products Jayco offers other input devices like touch screens, membrane switches, keyboards, keypads, and complete control panel assemblies at very competitive prices. With manufacturing capability in USA and Asia through their strategic partners they have the capacity and flexibility to support their customers for high and low volume programs. And, their unique benefit is a complete design, engineering, and consulting service geared to reducing product development time and cost. Jayco can create product visualizations, virtual prototypes, 3D models, to fully documented manufacturing packages.

Jayco's web site represents the capabilities of both Jayco Interface Technology, Inc. and Jayco mmi, Inc. Regardless of which company you deal with, you can be sure of receiving the same high-touch customer service, dedication to quality, and commitment to delivering value and performance.


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