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Founded in 1926, Kato Engineering employs about 360 people in its 245,000 square-foot facility in North Mankato, Minnesota. KATO designs and manufactures ruggedly constructed generators that can survive in the harshest environments. The KATO name has become synonymous with dependable and high-quality power generation worldwide.

Kato is a major supplier of high-wattage power generation to multiple global markets including hospitals, data centers, remote areas, the U.S. military, and oil and gas, to mention a few.

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Sizing Generators for a Leading Power Factor (Power Generation and Storage) Generators operating with a leading power factor may experience unstable voltage regulation and increased heating. The following paragraphs define power factor and describe various generator... (View Full Article)

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Kato Engineering, Inc.
Kato Engineering, Inc.
Kato Engineering, Inc.