• When vibration isolation and sound reduction are essential to the success of your next project, are the dynamic characterization terms of pressure and frequency sweep, amplitude, co efficient of friction and temperature tolerances important to you?
  • Are low frequency vibration or sound, machine downtime and expensive maintenance costs a problem for you?
  • Do you have the reliability and experience of an organization providing vibration and sound solutions for over 50 years?

LP-13 Shake Absorber® Vibration Isolation PadsIn the late 1960's, Kellett developed and patented the LP-13 Shake Absorber® -  a TRUE vibration isolation pad.

Industries all over the world have called on Kellett to resolve vibration isolation and sound issues. Some of those industries include Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Engineering, General Manufacturers, HVACR, Laboratories, Textiles and many more.

Listed below are just a few of the applications where the LP-13 pad has resolved issues with vibration and sound:

Rock Crushers
Oxygen Equipment
Lab Equipment
CNC Machines
Weaving Looms
Server Racks
HVAC Equipment
Exhaust Fans
Grain Elevators

Conveyor Belts
Satellite Mounts
Load Bearing Support

Kellett also manufactures a line of retail products designed with the homeowner in mind. KE Shake Away™ and KE Slip Guard™ are two brand names that are found in many retailers across the country. Part of the KE Shake Away™ family of products is pads specifically designed for use with high efficiency washing machines whether they are front or top loaders. These pads were "first to market" to solve the annoying issue of the strong vibrations transferred to the home structure from these washers.

From HVAC units to home stereo and computer equipment, KE Shake Away Utility™ Pads solve even more vibration transfer issues in the home. Some examples of where these pads can be used are generators, attic fans, pool pumps, workshop equipment and many more applications.

KE Slip Guard™ products provide slip guard protection for furniture sitting on hardwood floors. There are many products in the market that attempt to stop slipping and sliding of furniture, but KE Slip Guard™ is guaranteed to stop the movement.

All Kellett products are custom cut, NOT CUSTOM PRICED, to meet customers' requirements.

Located in the beautiful upstate area of Greenville, South Carolina, Kellett owns and operates a building comprising 11,000 sq. feet of manufacturing and office space.

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