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Category: Protective Relays and Monitoring Relays
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Knick The name Knick has been recognized for outstanding quality in the manufacture of electronic measuring instruments for more than half a century. Knick is the market leader in many specialized areas of measurement and control, for example, in the field of electrical isolation, process analytics, and loop-powered digital indicators. Knick devices provide numerous patented features with substantial advantages for the customer.

Knick products are used throughout the chemical industry, in biotechnology, system engineering, industrial controls and automation, and many more. We have representatives in all major industrial countries to ensure worldwide distribution of pioneering Knick technology.

The product lines include groundbreaking instruments for measurement and control. Great emphasis is placed on EMC and explosion protection, where the company has made a name for itself with its high level of expertise.

Knick has held DIN ISO 9001 certification since 1993.

KnickKnick is an expert in electrical isolation. We manufacture devices for measuring, conditioning, transmitting, and amplifying analog signals. We also offer transducers for measuring current and voltage. Knick devices meet the most demanding of industrial applications for signal processing. The transmission of these signals almost always requires electrical isolation for both safety reasons as well as optimum signal quality. Knick's products can be used in measurements at dangerously high voltages, where explosion hazards exist, different ground potentials, long distances, or high common-mode voltages do not allow direct connection of the measuring signals with other devices. Please challenge us with your most stringent requirements.

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