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LAURUS Systems, Inc., located in Ellicott City, Maryland, is a private, 100% woman-owned small business concern with ten year?s experience providing sales and service of high quality radiation and chemical instrumentation. They also offer a significant range of services that include instrument maintenance, calibration, training and consulting. LAURUS boasts an expansive customer base in the U.S. and abroad including federal, state and local agencies, military installations, national labs, hospitals and commercial manufacturing and processing entities.

LAURUS pledges to meet the needs of the customer and takes an innovative approach to this business model by representing only those manufacturers that meet or exceed the following benchmarks:

A demonstrated commitment to the product and responsiveness to the customer.

Provide only high quality, durable equipment.

Meet or exceed applicable industry standards; mil-specs, ANSI, NRC etc.

In addition, LAURUS offers software application solutions for a variety of industries. IVTS-Interactive Video Tour Software and Site-Wise, a graphical representation of your building/individual room(s) and contents. Both software packages offer 'real-time' graphic monitoring of premises and operations useful for applications such as:

Emergency response Safety and OSHA
Building and Equipment Maintenance
Cataloging-Fixed Assets-Insurance
Can be used in conjunction with the SW Technologies GEDDS/ACS/VSDS-Software

A variety of industries currently benefit from the use of LAURUS Radiation Detection Products and Software Solutions:

Medical Health Physics-Laboratories, Clinics and Imaging Centers using RADOS TLD, Electronic Dosimeters and Survey and Area Monitoring Systems
Nuclear Power Plants are using the RADOS Dosimeters and Contamination Monitors and the MJW Software Solutions such as Access Control, GEDDS and IVTS.
Industrial Hygiene facilities use the RADOS Survey Instruments and Personal Dosimeters and the MJW Software.
Emergency Responders all over the Globe are using the RADOS Survey Instruments and RAD-60 Personal Alarming Dosimeter to detect and monitor radiation exposure and contamination.
Nuclear Pharmaceutical Producers use the RADOS Dosimetry Systems and monitoring equipment.
Government Labs, Armed Forces, Highway Patrols, X-Ray Technicians, University Labs and Reactor Facilities, Airports, Customs Officers, Border Patrols, State Environmental and Health Departments - All of these industries and more are currently using RADOS Personal Alarming Dosimeters and Survey Instruments as well as Portal Monitors, Body Monitors and Air and Area Monitors.

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