Who We Are
Light EngineeringLE is an engineering design and manufacturing company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A., with production facilities located in Indianapolis and a global fulfillment facility in Hunan, China.

Our experienced development, design, electrical and applications engineers have demonstrated skill in discovering, designing and creating solutions for complex needs. Our design approach includes thorough and rigorous management of all aspects of product development, from prototyping, process validation and finished product manufacturing.

Establishing long term relationships with customers is important to us. Early stage customer involvement assures the implementation of the required specifications to provide the required end product. Committed to the highest quality standards, our expert engineering staff is devoted to developing well-designed motors, generators and alternators.

What We DoLight Engineering
LE specializes in the production of brushless permanent magnet motors and generators. LE leverages frequency -enabled and highly efficient electric motors and generators technologies using a family of materials known as amorphous metals or nanocrystaline metals. Utilizing this technology, LE has achieved dramatic improvements in the power density, operating efficiencies and cost effectiveness of electric motors and generators. Critical features include:

  • power density in confined spaces
  • high torque at high RPM
  • variable and high frequencies
  • ultra low core lossLight Engineering

LE has built a strong and growing portfolio of more than 60 U.S. and international patents which provides our customers with experience in building components for electromagnetic/motion conversion applications, and is a valuable resource you can utilize to overcome production issues, reduce development time and minimize cost.

LE's patented technology leverages the low electromagnetic loss, high frequency enabled materials into rotating electric machines which realizes greater energy efficiencies, smaller machine sizes and significantly enhanced performance and value over today's technologies.

LE offers semi-custom and full customization of our motors and generators utilizing our highly qualified engineering staff. We have produced and supplied components to manufacturers working in the fields of motion control, defense, power generation, automotive, industrial and construction equipment, turf management, lawn care and emergency vehicles.

We manufacture commercial products in the 5-140kW motor and generator markets. Applications are focused on:Light Engineering

  • HEV / EV traction
  • power generation, mobile power systems, etc.
  • industrial motors, commercial HVAC, pumps, etc.
  • high speed/frequency power systems

This site includes detailed information about LE, along with the products and services it offers. For additional information or a cost estimate for your needs please inquire, email us or phone LE at 317.471.1342.

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