Mil-Ram Technology, Inc., a Silicon Valley corporation, is a leading innovator in industrial gas detection specializing in fixed gas detection systems utilizing our unique no false alarms gas sensor technology.

Mil-Ram is a technical, engineering based company with strong emphasis on product design and customization to meet specific application requirements. Since 1990, Mil-Ram has developed a comprehensive and evolving product line offering practical and cost-effective gas detection solutions to numerous industries world-wide. Our dedication to customer service, applications engineering and product research & development reflects our ongoing commitment to meeting current and future gas detection needs of industry.

Mil-Ram Technology, is an ISO 9001:2008 UL registered company who manufactures their gas detectors to monitor and detect hundreds of different gases and vapors - Toxic, LEL Combustible, VOC, Oxygen deficiency, Hydrocarbons for personal safety, environmental protection, and process controls.

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