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Dirt, dust, powders, and other contaminants get in your way. They threaten product purity, employee safety, and the overall efficiency of your operations during virtually every step of the manufacturing process. Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums looks at your overall operation and offers a vacuum solution that will keep it clean, capturing every destructive particle of debris.

For nearly half a century, Nilfisk has made it their mission to help you stop contaminants in their tracks. Their heavy-duty vacuum cleaners efficiently collect everything from food scraps to pharmaceutical powders to bulk materials. Their high-efficiency filtration systems and low-maintenance operation make them ideal for uses as varied as general maintenance cleaning in manufacturing plants and critical contamination control in cleanrooms.

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums offers the most comprehensive line of vacuums, ranging from portable, intermittent-duty vacuums for general cleaning to explosion-proof vacuums for combustible dust and hazardous locations to continuous-duty models to zoned systems. Plus, they equip your vacuums with the features you want – Nilfisk offers the largest assortment of attachments, filters, collection options, and hoses in the industry, including overhead accessories, stainless-steel construction, and food-grade, FDA-approved polymer constructed hoses.

No matter what your application, Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums will help you clean more thoroughly and efficiently…dramatically increasing productivity. For more information, visit (industrial vacuums) or (wet/dry vacuums).

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