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Category: Manifolds and Manifold Systems
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All New Vacuum Cups

Why Pick Vaccon?

When you search for a product or system on Globalspec, you see offerings from many suppliers. Part of your selection process will be based on the specifications of your application, but in a greater sense, your selection will come down to “Why this supplier?”

With Vaccon Vacuum Products, the answer to this question is “solutions, expertise, and people who make a difference.”   Even though Vaccon offers over 39,000 product combinations, they don’t just sell “items”; they engineer solutions that perform better than typical products, in conditions competitive products would find overwhelming, and they do so at a low cost. Often Vaccon develops custom solutions because that is what’s needed to make the customer’s machine or product work best.  They are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do.  Since their startup in 1972, there have been many occasions when Vaccon personnel have been greeted at customer locations with applause because they delivered more than just a part or an assembly; they improved the operation and efficiency of a customer’s business. How could the personnel at Vaccon not be enthusiastic about what they do?

Vaccon offers five standard vacuum pump lines containing over 250 models and sizes, hundreds of vacuum cups in various sizes and styles, along with gages, sensors, switches, filters, silencers, manifolds, and a complete line of End-Of-Arm Tooling.


Vaccon's air-powered venturi vacuum pumps are highly efficient, capable of reaching 28"Hg [948mbar], dirt tolerant, and include silencers for quiet operation. Lightweight and compact, they can be easily mounted close to the vacuum point for fast response.

All Vaccon pumps offer a variety of options and accessories to meet your specific requirements. Vaccon’s Mini and Mid Series pumps incorporate an interchangeable venturi cartridge system that allows designers to choose from 13 different cartridge assemblies to optimize pump performance to meet their specific application needs.


The Dirt Tolerant Series is a unique Vaccon innovation that places the vacuum port and exhaust path inline, making a straight-through venturi vacuum pump. These compact pumps offer high flow rates up to 120 SCFM [3400 LPM] and high vacuum levels up to 25"Hg [847mbar]. Developed for extremely dirty and dusty environments, Vaccon Dirt Tolerant pumps don’t clog, lose suction or require a vacuum filter, and are field-adjustable to allow regulation of the vacuum flow and vacuum level to meet application requirements. This maximizes energy efficiency by consuming only the compressed air necessary to do the job.


Vaccon’s DF Series of high flow material conveying vacuum pumps provide a simple, reliable and cost effective method of in-line transfer of bulk materials, complex shapes, individual objects, selvedge. This series of pumps combines the unique capability to create instantaneous vacuum flow and high air velocity with a straight-through, smooth bore design, allowing material to pass directly through at high speeds without interference or clogging.


Vaccon’s CDF Series vacuum pumps generate a high vacuum flow and a high exhaust flow using a small amount of compressed air. This efficient use of air makes CDF air amplifiers a cost-effective alternative to electric blowers or raw compressed air. CDF Series Pumps are ideal for applications that need high levels of flow such as the rapid evacuation of fumes, blow-drying wet materials, or cooling hot areas and/or materials.


Vaccon’s modular End-of-Arm Tooling components offer everything you need to create a complete “wrist-down” EOAT for your material handling operations. VEOAT features an innovative component design, which is modular, lightweight, compact, and easy-to-connect. Using VEOAT, you can easily integrate vacuum pumps, suction cups, spring levelers, fittings, and manifolds using simple erector-set connectivity. You can order VEOAT products separately and build your own tooling, or purchase a complete pre-built VEOAT solution—fully configured, plumbed, and tested. VEOAT solutions ship assembled, using one robot-to-VEOAT connection for easy, out-of-the-box installation.


Vaccon offers a wide range of vacuum cup styles and sizes including flat, bellows, oval, deep, universal, ultra miniature, and UH rigid, as well as specialty cups. Fittings in multiple styles and thread sizes are also available, individually or as a cup assembly. Cups are available in various durometers, colors and materials.


For total and complete system integration, Vaccon offers a complete line of accessories including silencers, in-line vacuum filters, vacuum and pressure gauges, vacuum check valves, and pneumatic, mechanical, and electronic switches and sensors.


Vaccon understands the on-demand world and maintains a large inventory. All in-stock, standard vacuum pumps are shipped the same day they receive your order.


Vaccon’s team of vacuum experts are proven problem solvers with years of practical, hands-on experience. Contact Vaccon by phone, email, online chat, or visit their website. Unsure which product or combination of products will work best in your application? Send your product to Vaccon for evaluation and product recommendation. They will test your product, take photos and video, and email you the results.


Sometimes it’s hard to determine which pump will be the most efficient for the application because of plumbing and the material being handled.   With Vaccon's free Test and Evaluation Program, you can try a product for 30 days, and if doesn't meet your requirements; simply return it in good condition for full credit.

Vaccon Company, Inc. - J-Series Venturi Vacuum Pumps
Vaccon Company, Inc. - Max Series Fixed Venturi Vacuum Pumps
Vaccon Company, Inc. - Venturi Vacuum Pumps w/Air Saver System
Vaccon Company, Inc. - VDF Series Variable Thru-Bore Vacuum Pumps
Vaccon Company
Vaccon Company
Vaccon Company

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