NuWaves is a premier supplier of Radio Frequency (RF) Systems, Products, and Engineering Services designed to customer requirements. NuWaves is an RF power house with the singular mission of delivering unsurpassed RF Engineering Design Services. NuWaves offers a wide range of engineering services to fit most any RF application need. They serve industrial, military, and commercial markets. Their commitment to their clients is first rate delivering on customer expectations.

NuWaves was founded under the principle of assisting and supporting each employee in reaching their full potential both professionally and personally. Irrefutably, this philosophy guarantees that their customers reap the rewards of working with the best; quite simply, their personnel have unsurpassed talents and will deliver for you.

The company's employees are rare outstanding performers that show tremendous initiative, are highly motivated, and deliver on commitments. This in turn has built customer confidence by addressing customer concerns and meeting their needs in a timely fashion. Customers know what to expect from NuWaves and can count on them to meet their requirements.

NuWaves Ltd. - High Intercept Low Noise Amplifier (HILNA) FamilyStocked RF Products

High Intercept Low Noise Amplifier (HILNA) Family

NuWaves’ HILNA™ family of amplifiers are designed to achieve an unprecedented unique combination of amplifier attributes to include very low noise, high gain, high linearity, and broadband performance.

Frequency Converters

Multi-Octave RF Up Converter (MORFNuWaves Ltd. - Multi-Octave RF Up Converter (MORF))

The MORF™ model RF2-3000UCV1 provides an up-converted RF signal from 2 MHz to 3 GHz from IF frequencies between 2 MHz - 70 MHz. Additionally, the converter boasts variable attenuation control and selectable bandwidth filtering. Boasting a miniature size of <9 cubic inches and a frequency step size of 5 kHz, the RF upconverter provides solutions for many military and industrial applications. Development kits are available that includes software for a PC Control Panel and an interface cable.

Down Converter (ConvertaWaveNuWaves Ltd. - Down Converter (ConvertaWave))

The ConvertaWave™ model RF22-52DCV1, is a robust RF downconverter. The downconverter provides superior rejection of out of band signals, AGC/MGC operation, and operates over VHF and UHF frequencies. The downconverter has extremely low noise figure and user selectable features.


uFilterNuWaves Ltd. - uFilterss

NuWaves introduces its uFILTER product line. The uFILTERTM product line consists of standard and custom designed filters. Custom filters are available from 70 MHz to 1 GHz in low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject configurations. Standard filters are available many frequencies and bandwidths.

HiPerTUNENuWaves Ltd. - HiPerTUNERR

The RF200-2500TUNV1 is the first in a family of premier high-performance; wideband RF Tuners (HiPerTUNER™) designed for front-end receiver and transmit applications where stringent RF filtering of the signal-of-interest is required with superb out of band rejection. The RF Tuner operates over a frequency range of 200 MHz to 2500 MHz.

Design Examples

NuWaves Ltd. - Power AmplifiersPower Amplifiers

NuWaves delivers custom high performance power amplifiers to support numerous military requirements including broadband, bi-directional, variable output, high linearity, and high efficiency. Custom solutions tailored to the modulating waveform as well as state-of-the-Art Research and Development are among the many strengths of the NuWaves team.

The RFU8096PA delivers better than 50 Watts of RF power when driven with 10 Watts. The Power Amplifier delivers broad-band operation covering 800 - 960 MHz. Operating in class AB mode, the assembly supports both Analog and Digital modulation formats. Applications include Cellular Base Stations.

This 100 Watt Power Amplifier operates in the HF band delivering burst transmissions with high duty cycles. The pulsed amplifier is highly reliable and meets the demanding environmental requirements within the industrial market place. VSWR protection, programmable on/off duty cycles and pulse repetition rates, as well as programmable RF output power are only a few of the attributes of this high quality design.

RF Transceivers

VHF RF data transceivers

NuWaves Ltd. - VHF RF data transceiversNuWaves’ RF-V-47-TR VHF data transceiver is a high performance and cost effective transmitter/receiver designed for operation at 47 MHz. The transceiver operates on one of two channels providing half duplex communications. The message formatting, synchronization, and transceiver transmission/reception is performed by the transceiver; no special host software is required to operate the radio. The transceiver boasts a unique NuWaves proprietary RF architecture. The robust design provides the user with future growth capabilities. For example, with little modification, the transceiver can be tailored to operate over other frequency bands and/or deliver higher RF output power.

UHF RF data transceivers

NuWaves Ltd. - UHF RF data transceiversThe RF-U-3545-TR-2 RF Module produces 100mW of RF at the antenna port. The transceiver delivers extremely low transmit spurious signals. The design includes robust defenses from against interface issues such as over-voltage, over-current, and reverse voltage protection. The demodulated receiver data is uncorrelated and requires integration into the OEM's host controller for bit synchronization and parsing of messages thereby forming an entire Radio Transceiver.

NuWaves Ltd. - UHF RF data transceiversThe RF-U-3545-TR-1 RF Module boasts dual RF output power modes. The transceiver incorporates state-of-the-art power amplifier protection circuitry including a Voltage Standing Wave Ration (VSWR) detector that provides a go/no go indication, over-voltage, and reverse voltage protection. The design includes power detection methods that hold the RF output power relatively constant over varying conditions such as temperature and supply voltage. The transceiver interfaces to OEMs controller board to form a complete radio solution

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