Ondrives.US CorporationOndrives.US Corporation, located in Freeport, NY, manufactures hi-torque gearboxes as well as shoulder screws. When you purchase a product from Ondrives US, formerly Rino Mechanical, your mechanical part will be accompanied by a 24 month guarantee, which is twice as long as the best guarantee out there, as well as expert applications assistance by specialists in gearboxes, flexible shaft couplers, dowel pins, shoulder screws and custom screws. This warranty is backed up by 1000s of successful gearbox applications and 25 years of gearbox manufacturing.

The specialist in gearboxes, flexible shaft couplers, dowel pins, shoulder screws and custom screws, Ondrives.US Corporation offers space saving hi torque gearboxes built to survive tough applications. Applications include: Antenna Positioning, CNC Machining, Coating Equipment, Food Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Paper Cutters, Semiconductor, and Processing.

Ondrives.US CorporationOndrives.US Corporation's hi-torque gearboxes come in compact sizes and are available in a variety of specifications, designed to meet your needs. For example, Ondrives.US Corporation's slim fit worm and wheel reduction gearbox range is available in 7 different sizes with ratios of 5:1 to 120:1. They will also build custom gearboxes to further satisfy your needs. Gearboxes manufactured at Ondrives.US Corporation have a rated life of 12,000 hours, based upon a 12-hour day and British standard formulas.

Ondrives.US Corporation's precision shoulder screws are available in standard stainless steel, or can be custom made in any material. These screws are available in inch and metric units and hex, slotted, or cross-recessed styles. These screws have high accuracy to meet your specifications.

Ondrives.US Corporation has the ability to develop custom gearboxes for your application and deliver them quickly. Their company has been designing and manufacturing custom gearboxes for almost two decades, and they use high-grade machining to ensure tight tolerances and sophisticated fits. They are also comfortable working with advanced materials, such as Acetal, Peek, hardened alloys, steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, and much more.

Ondrives.US Corporation
  • Complete flexibility to supply what you need: Optimize your system, don't compromise it!
  • Reduce added components: Make shafts longer, different mounting holes, integrated couplings
  • Based upon standard designs: To reduce engineering, cost and minimize delivery time
  • Quantities: 1 to 10,000, prototypes of course
  • Delivered custom/customized gearboxes for: antenna tracking, shipboard systems with 316 casings, packaging machinery, diagnostic medical systems, large scale model trains, stone cutting machinery
  • 25 years of experience in making gearboxes: Engineering, manufacturing and assembly expertise
  • Rapid Response Engineering + Accurate Shipments
  • ISO9001:2008 Certified - 3D CAD -


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