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Phase III has a new look and a new attitude. After 15 years in business providing quality products and services around the world, we have updated our whole company, including marketing, product packaging, branding, customer support, sales staff and production facilities
PHase III, Inc.
PHase III, Inc.Phase III products aren’t just green, they go beyond green. Other products claim bio-degradability, but what does that really mean? It means that the product is green until it comes in contact with grease, oil or fat; then it is not readily bio-degradable. Phase III manufactures eco-responsible cleaners and absorbents that are not only designed for compatibility with the environment, but reduce and eliminate the waste stream going back into the environment through bio-remediation... that is what we mean by "going beyond green."
PHase III, Inc.
PHase III, Inc.Our Oil Sponge line is dedicated exclusively to bio-compatible cleaners and absorbents. You will find that the cleaner names and colors have changed from the past to better reflect product strengths and uses. All products with a plus sign (+) after the name contain our exclusive active-culture package to assist in degrading oils, fuels, grease and fats. Where other products end their cleaning, Oil Sponge products are just getting started.
PHase III, Inc.
Oil Sponge AB+ and UC+ products contain active cultures that convert oil, fuels, grease and fats into carbon dioxide and water. This is done through the use of our exclusive blend of hydrocarbon digesting cultures we add to our products. Some companies claim remedial properties (act of converting a toxin or hazard into a safe bi-product) of their absorbents and cleaners, but none match the capabilities of Oil Sponge products. The Oil Sponge UC+ liquid cleaner cultures require no mixing and have a shelf life of over one year in undiluted form. Oil Sponge AB+ absorbent contains over 2,000,000 times more oil-degrading cultures than some of our competitors claim they have.
PHase III, Inc.
PHase III, Inc.
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is designed to give the user the right information and provide the resources to further educate themselves as needed. Please take some time to explore our website and don?t forget to visit our library which contains over 15 years of documented success in the MRO and facility maintenance industry or try out our absorbent savings calculator in the ?tools? section to see how Oil Sponge can help your company today.
PHase III, Inc.
PHase III, Inc.Bio-Green Technology is the leader in microbial technology and engineering. When you see our Bio-Green Technology logo on our packaging, it means you are getting only the highest quality cultures available. All of our active cultures are class 1 certified and are manufactured on a demand-base production schedule to guarantee freshness and reliability. We carry a complete line of bacteria products to meet almost every type of remediation requirement.

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