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Category: Tubing
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Global Production and Logistics
Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products is unique in its ability to serve all major regional markets in the world. Their unmatched — and ongoing — investment in production and logistics sites around the globe solidifies their commitment to world class service, quality and market development for engineering plastics for machining. Their range of process technology includes casting, extrusion and compression molding to deliver the widest range of engineering plastics shapes materials in the market.

Global Technical Service and Application Development Support
Their team of technical service and application development engineers is based in all major Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products' locations. Their sole mission is to help equipment manufacturers and machinists get the full performance benefits and cost efficiency from their materials. Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products has also invested in complete test facilities and the best technical data both in print and on the worldwide web to support their customers on material selection.

Global Product Line Brands
The new Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products' branding program integrates their products under a unified set of tradenames regionally and globally. This provides a clear and consistent identification of all products, and makes them available through all distributor and fabricator partners worldwide.

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