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Category: Tantalum Capacitors
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Quantic Evans manufactures high energy density capacitors for demanding defense and aerospace applications. Typical applications replace standard military capacitors, or augment batteries and power supplies where size, weight, reliability and quality are important factors of component selection.

Evans maintains the highest levels of quality, and is ISO 9001 and AS9001 registered.

View our ISO / AS9100 CERT.

Hermetically sealed Evans Hybrid Capacitor and Capattery devices have numerous patented features that provide demonstrated advantages over standard capacitor technologies. Evans has met US Department of Energy and US military quality and performance specifications for the design and manufacture of capacitors. Our capacitors continue to be specified for mission critical applications.


Hybrid Capacitors provide high current pulse capability for
the advanced phased array radar systems on the E 2D

Evans Hybrid and Capattery Capacitors are qualified in many new
avionics systems like ARROWHEAD MTADS/PNVS for Apache.

Evans' production facility, located in East Providence, RI, USA follows the most stringent guidelines for quality and performance. All Quantic Evans products undergo extensive testing and evaluation. Evans staff consists of engineers, scientists and technicians with many years of experience in high energy density capacitors, always available to work with specific applications or new uses for these devices.

Evans welcomes the opportunity to work with engineers and product designers to see how Evans' advanced capacitors might offer the perfect fit (and competitive advantage) we all strive for.

Hybrid capacitor technology is also licensed to Wilson Greatbatch, producers of the world's leading capacitors for implantable defibrillators.


Our products are electrolytic-electrochemical Hybrid Capacitors and Capattery® electrochemical capacitors.

Hybrid capacitors have extremely high power density, unbeatable for pulse radar and laser applications. With high energy density, Hybrid capacitors are also well suited for bridge power or bus power interruption buffers.

The Capattery has high capacitance at 5.5V and 11V with full +85°C life performance providing the only super capacitor capability for memory back-up in defense electronics.

HyCap is the proven Hybrid Technology packaged in the standard DSCC 93026 wet slug package. HyCap delivers better performance at all temperature operating conditions, up to 200C, and higher extended cap ratings.

Shock hardened models of both Hybrid and Capattery are available for high impact shock environments like missile fusing and penetrator weapon applications.


Hybrid Capacitors are available in a number of standard configurations and ratings from 10V to 125V

Hybrid capacitors provide very high power and energy from devices much smaller and lighter than electrically equivalent tantalum wet, tantalum chip, or aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Hybrid Capacitors save weight, volume and cost when compared to military tantalum wet capacitors.

The Hybrid capacitor combines a high voltage electrolytic type anode bearing a Ta2O5 dielectric with a low voltage, high energy density electrochemical super capacitor RuO2 cathode. Unlike other super capacitors, use of the dielectric permits higher voltage operation of single cells. Thus, the Hybrid capacitor can operate at higher voltages without the need for series connected cells.

The resistance (ESR) of single cell Hybrid capacitors is much lower compared to other super capacitors of similar voltage rating. This leads to a very low time constant of 1ms, or less, making Hybrid capacitors well suited for high-rate applications. Hybrid capacitors are available with voltages up to 125V in a variety of standard configurations and capacitance ratings. Hybrid capacitors are also available in custom configurations and ratings for specific customer requirements.


The advantage of the Capattery in defense electronics is its resistance to environmental conditions that destroy other super capacitors. With its welded tantalum case and the unique Permselective™ valve, the Capattery can survive military environmental conditions for a lifetime of use. Capatterys are available in standard configurations under DSCC Dwg. No. 92001. Custom units and packaging are also available.

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