Fuse Technology
for reliability and safety in a rapidly changing world

SOC is a quality manufacturer of fuses for overcurrent protection.

-  We apply high grade materials and innovative methods, always refining wire-in-air technology for circuit protection.
-  We provide a variety of cataloged parts as well as engineer-to-order.
-  We view our customers' challenges in fusing as opportunities to create new products.

Our approach to the market:

-  Exacting production standards ... precise and consistent manufactured fuses.
-  On-time delivery ... a flexible and responsive supply partner.
-  Build to order ... every order built for a specific customer.
-  Provide customers with highest level of technical support ... applications support with fuse selection.
-  Product customization ... meets customer's unique application requirements.

We tailor our products to our customers' market requirements:

SOC's fuse portfolio includes the following ratings:

  Rated Voltage Rated Current
SMD / Micro AC 32V-350V 40mA-18A
DC 32V-600V 40mA-18A
Cartridge AC 32V-600V 63mA-30A
DC 60V-700V 63mA-30A
Automotive AC 500V 5A-50A
DC 72V-500V 5A-280A

Our experienced staff of engineers / sales is standing by to assist you in your overcurrent protection needs.

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