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STM Sensors - High technological standards combined with adaptability

We develop and manufacture, through a patented process, ultra-miniature photoelectric sensors. Our roots are in university research. That’s why we cooperate closely with colleges and universities. With our technological orientation, that’s an unbeatable advantage. We combine basic research with practical implementation in manufacturing and application.

Right from the start in 1989, STM focused completely on miniaturization technologies for optical sensors. Through an innovative spirit and work beyond the well-worn development paths, an individual technological approach arose, leading over the years to today’s range of high-performance optical sensors.

With our unique development and assembly concept, we manufacture customized solutions nearly as quickly and effectively as our high-performance standard products are made.


MICROmote Sensor Family (Reflective and Through-Beam)

We offer the only technological alternative to fiber optics with no bending radius limitations. Our MICROmote sensor family is optimized with the smallest installation volume. Integrated micro-optical components provide high ranges and high resolutions. 

Unique Categories:

Optical Sensors for Life Science Applications 

Whenever the detection of liquids requires extraordinary precision and reliability, no matter if it's the entrapment of minute gas bubbles in transparent tubes or the accurate level control in semi-transparent containers, our liquid sensors score with their outstanding technical properties. (link to corresponding flyer)

High-Vacuum Rated Optical Sensors

High vacuum means very special requirements for the use of optical sensors. They are hence nearly always customized solutions. The STM modular concept and the micro-optical components are ideal here for realizing adapted products in a rapid and cost effective manner. (link to corresponding flyer)


COMPACT Sensor Family 

Our COMPACT sensor family combines small dimensions with compact electronics in one enclosure. Due to their optical precision and the flexibility of our modular concept, they can be found in the most interesting customized models. 

Fork (Slot) Sensors

Even in standard products, such as fork sensors, we are technically strong and competitive. With us there are precision models and modular size intervals that perfectly fit customer needs. And we can handle special dimensions and special material housings. 

Frame Sensors

Used for counting falling objects with dynamic or static function, our frame sensors are more precise and flexible than comparable products on the market. With a modular size system, we cover the entire range of window sizes from 40x40mm to 400x400mm. 





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