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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' Process Systems, creator of the first clear flexible tubing, has set the standard for quality, innovation and performance with its exceptional line of tubing products. Recognized as an integral and vital component of countless fluid transport systems, Tygon® tubing delivers an uncompromising standard of consistent quality and performance.

Rather than simply manufacturing products from general commercial compounds, the Process Systems group works closely with leading raw materials' suppliers to capitalize on the latest polymer innovations and developmental grades of new materials. We tailor the most appropriate ingredients for proprietary formulations through blending, mixing and compounding to achieve optimum mechanical properties.

Consistent performance stems from both strict quality control of formulation ingredients and consistently applied manufacturing practices in our facilities around the world. The result is worldwide availability and uniformity of our entire product line.

There is no universal solution to all application requirements. That’s why Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers a range of products, each engineered to meet specific needs. By meeting these requirements, products from Process Systems provide the best possible value in use.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is part of an international family of companies headed by Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, a Paris-based multinational company with more than 350 years of engineered materials expertise.

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Engineered Plastics and High-Purity Systems Product Selection

Acutech Plastics Extensive selection of extruded thermoplastic Acutech® tubing, Chemfluor® fluoropolymer tubing, Acutech® polypropylene and PVDF pipe and rod in Chemfluor® FEP, PFA, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE  
Engineered Extrusions Fluoropolymer flange shields, pipe and hose liners, expansion joints, roller sleeves and Chemfluor® FEP, PFA roll covers  
Flexible Components Chemfluor® fluoropolymer extruded tubing, smooth inner bore hose, and Flare-Thru fittings and adapters  
Industrial Molded Silicone Over 1,200 standard silicone compounds plus the ability to custom-design compounds.  Develop custom tubing extrusions, silicone dual extrusions, silicone extruded profiles, silicone molded products, silicone sponge extrusions  
Sanitary Couplers and Fittings Sanitary fluid transfer components -- PermaSeal® fittings remain in place; ReSeal® fittings are reusable  
Flexible Tubing Tygon® tubing engineered for specific user needs and applications  
Pumps, Valves, Manifolds, Fittings,  Tubing & Pipe Furon® and AstiPure™ fluoropolymer-based fluid handling components and systems for critical high-purity fluid handling applications  

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