Sensors Safety ProductsPowerful, effective chemicals are crucial to businesses every day. Employers and managers must protect workers against known hazardous effects and chronic conditions. Regular monitoring of exposure levels reduces concerns of workers, claims, lost productivity, absenteeism, workman’s comp. reports and grounds for litigation.

Passive Dosimeters (badges) are a practical and economical way to monitor hazardous vapors in workplace and residential environments.

Passive Dosimeter monitoring is an accepted and reliable sampling practice that will enable you to reduce your employees' exposure to hazardous chemicals. Identification and control of toxic chemicals will protect the safety of your employee(s) and help comply with the laws and standards of regulatory agencies.

A Badge Program will:

  • Give you real TWA and STEL exposures, not estimates
  • Help you evaluate individual differences in employee work practices by comparing results of employees doing the same jobs
  • Allow you to measure exposure without interference from an "expert observer" during onsite visits
  • Permit you to test immediately if employee(s) complains or if other situations call for fast action
  • Document that a "difficult employee" is not being overexposed to hazardous chemicals

As with any hazard, the more companies do preventative actions, the risk of mishaps or incident lessens. With limited usage, Sensors recommends at least semi-annual testing based on OSHA documentation stating that seasonal changes in the air handling system may negate previous testing. Additionally, JCAHO requires that you review your safety plan twice yearly

Since 1990, Sensors Safety Products has served tens of thousands of loyal customers throughout the USA. They are an American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited Industrial Hygiene Laboratory, they are ISO 17025 compliant and a GSA preferred provider. Easy to use badges (passive dosimeters) monitor hazardous vapors in workplace as well as in residential applications. Sensors Safety lab specializes in the analysis of sorbent tubes and badges which are the most practical and economical way to monitor your exposure levels to OSHA standards of accuracy.

Sensors Safety Products' corporate headquarters is located adjacent to the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina where they serve over 1000 loyal customers throughout the United States, Canada, Middle East and Europe. They have been part of an organized effort to serve the United States compliance community for over 28 years.

  • Sensors sincerely cares about all employee health
  • They help employers protect their most valuable resource, their people
  • They appreciate your business
  • They strive to be the best provider of hazardous chemical vapor testing in the workplace
  • They are large enough to support most any monitoring program
  • A staff who personalize their service every day!

The Sensors' Guarantee
Client satisfaction with their company's testing procedures, timely performance, and quality of service is important to all Sensors employees. In the event that a client is not satisfied with their testing and quality of service provided, they will perform a retest at no cost to the client. This offer is unique within their industry, providing clients with absolute assurance of compliance with Federal, State, JCAHO, OSHA, NFPA, and other applicable agencies.

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