Simerics develops, markets, and supports CAE software for the virtual simulation and testing of fluid pumps, valves, compressors, and motors. Simerics is focused on providing tools that allow manufacturers to reduce expensive hardware testing and provide unique insight into your products.

PumpLinx is a virtual test bed, uniquely suited for the analysis of pumps, valves, motors, compressors, and other fluid devices with rotating or sliding components. It provides rigorous and robust simulation of flow, pressure, and cavitation in a device. PumpLinx provides unique insight over hardware testing by allowing the engineer to see inside the component with straightforward analysis.

PumpLinx Design Benefits: Improve Performance / Reduce Cavitation / Reduce Noise, Pressure Ripple, & Vibration / Accelerate Development / Extend Pump Life / Reduce Design & Testing Costs

PumpLinx includes the following unique capabilities that make it a superior design tool for the analysis and design of machinery with rotating or sliding components:

Fast & Easy Set-up: The PumpLinx Designer-Oriented Interface provides a single integrated environment for problem set-up, solution, and post-processing.

Fast Turnaround Time: PumpLinx runs 5 times faster than the leading competitor's software for pump simulations. Now with parallel, PumpLinx can go even faster.

Accurate Results: PumpLinx accurately models flow, pressure, and cavitation and aeration, even for off-design conditions.

Strong Numerics: Behind the scenes, PumpLinx’ numerical architecture and algorithms make it faster, more accurate, more robust, and able to solve large complex problems.

  • Flow, Pressure, Species, Particles
  • Aeration & Cavitation: non-condensable gases / vapour / compressibility
  • Volume Motion and Deformation: rotation / translation / scaling
  • Automated Binary-tree meshing
  • Implicit interface matching

PumpLinx is a virtual test bed for a wide variety of pumps and valves, including:

  • Axial Flow Pump
  • Bent Axis Piston Pump
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Crescent Pump
  • External Gear Pump
  • Gerotor Pump
  • Propeller
  • Radial Piston Pump
  • Swashplate Piston Pump
  • Vane Pump
  • Ball / Spool Valves
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