Southern Aluminum created the lightweight trend for folding tables over 30 years ago. We manufacture lightweight folding banquet tables, training tables, pedestal tables, and portable stages. Our products have many shapes, sizes, color finishes, and accessories available for each.

In 1981, Southern Aluminum revolutionized the folding table industry by creating lightweight folding tables, known as the Alulite Tables®. These lightweight tables had the strength incorporated similar to stadium seating and at the time, were the first and only true lightweight tables offered in any market. The Alulite Tables®are still 20% lighter than other lightweight tables available today. Other companies began introducing “lightweight” tables using alternative materials, such as plastic and thin plywood, but none to date, are as strong, lightweight, and durable as Southern Aluminum’s line of folding aluminum tables. Alulite Tables® are used in many different locations, such as military clubs, mess halls, and in the field.

Another innovation created over time was Southern Aluminum’s iDesign Tables. The characteristics for these tables included the same lightweight, high strength aluminum qualities for upscale tables, targeting conventional heavy tables and equipment used in meetings, conference settings, and training sessions. Soon after iDesign Tables,portable Alulite Staging® was added to the product line.

Because of customer feedback and ideas, Southern Aluminum has had the opportunity to continually design new stylish products, such as the Swirl Tables. The Swirl Table transforms any event from drab to dazzling with an original handcrafted artistry. The table top is hand-etched with randomly swirled patterns, which provides a sophisticated look and allows for linenless presentations. In 2009, the XCube Table was introduced. The XCube Table is our one-of-a-kind Swirl® top, which includes a multicolored LED lighting spectrum with multiple settings and interchangeable folding bases. The XCube Table was also the recipient of the 2010 Bloom Award.

Thanks to aluminum’s incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio, it is possible to design multipurpose tables and furniture with exceptional stability, lightweight, and durable characteristics. Through constant innovation Southern Aluminum will continue to offer exclusive products with these features that will exceed competition. Check us out at www.southernaluminum.com.

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