SmartBolts® Direct Tension Indicating Fasteners

Stress Indicators Inc. is a privately owned engineering and manufacturing company based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Since 1992, we’ve provided safe, effective and innovative bolting solutions to our customers worldwide.

Stress Indicators Inc. develops, manufactures and sells specialized visual indicating devices for the industrial and OEM market. Our products include load-indicating bolts and studs. We typically convert our customer’s fastener products into SmartBolts® direct tension indicating fasteners.

Our Dedication to Customers

Our engineering department custom designs each Smartbolts DTI fastener to your specifications. Our sales team and engineering group work with you to assess potential applications, select the appropriate fastener, quantify the indicating tension, provide testing samples to assure that you are completely satisfied with our products.

Stress Indicators Inc.’s customers are provided responsive technical support, comprehensive training, and a complete range of professional engineering services. Sample products, free demonstrations and customer visits geared specifically to client needs are other ways we ensure customer satisfaction and product excellence.

Our Commitment to Quality

Stress Indicators proudly tests 100% of the fasteners we produce. SmartBolts are proudly manufactured in the USA and NAFTA certification is available upon request. 

Do You Have a Potential Application for SmartBolts?

Standard hex head SmartBolts are useful in a number of real world applications. We invite you to use our Application Qualifier questionaire to learn if your application is appropriate for the SmartBolts solution. You can also receive price quotes for testing, as well as, roll out/annual usage quantities.

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