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Located in Warminster, Pennsylvania, TJM Electronics has been leading the way in electronic contract manufacturing since 1989 with the emergence of Surface Mount Technology (SMT). We became one of the first automated SMT companies certified to MIL-STD-2000 on the east coast and are now recognized by major defense contractors as a “3 Star Supplier.” We also maintain a reputable status as a Preferred Supplier List member for electronic contract manufacturing.

With a broad range of multi-disciplined expertise developed over the last 30 years, TJM Electronics has been instrumental in the success of many “World’s First” technologies ranging from military and aerospace, power and energy conservation, to medical devices used in orthopedic surgery.

Comprehensive Turnkey Service Offering

TJM Electronics has expanded its offering and capabilities to include custom short or long-run PCB assembly, accurate and functional prototype representations of your designs, cable and mechanical assembly, product testing, and evaluation to ensure it is Designed for Manufacturability (DFM), and final packaging.

Through our brand, TemitroniK, we assemble oversized LED boards of any shape and size, up to 460mm (18.11″) wide and 1200mm (47.24″) long. We’ve also developed a brand-new standardized LED board product called TEMIBOARD with robust features and options that come standard, such as 1×1 or 2×2 inch LED grid size, constant current or constant voltage, and are dimmable. There are multiple color temperatures, sizes, and connectivity options as well. 

SMART State-of-the-Art Assembly Lines  

We have increased our electronic contract manufacturing capabilities by adding state-of-the-art, fully automatic assembly lines and 3D optical inspection systems. Our machines perform to produce quickly and precisely while creating an overall lower cost for production. We understand the repetitiveness and delicacy required for PCB assembly, which is why we use the top of line equipment to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Our automated technology allows us to meet the most rigorous and specialized PCB requirements for industries such as aerospace and defense, medical, industrial, LED lighting, and non-commodity consumer electronic products.

High-Quality Contract Manufacturing

TJM Electronics Quality Management Systems is certified to AS9100D standards based on and includes ISO 9001:2015 standard. Due to our Aerospace and Defense industry growth, we have decided to pursue AS9100D as our primary QMS to create standard operating procedures across all business segments. This allows us to enhance the quality of our products and services while increasing efficiencies and alleviating costs to our customers.

By partnering with TJM for your electronic contract manufacturing needs, you get 30+ years of PCBA experience, cutting-edge technology, and custom turnkey PCB assembly solutions through trusted relationships and partners to satisfy your quality, timing, and cost-efficiency needs.