Technical Toolboxes markets a suite of pipeline software products for the energy industry. Each "Pipeline Toolbox" consists of an integrated suite of design, analysis, and engineering software tools designed to meet the day-to-day needs of pipeline technical professionals.

Many companies standardize their pipeline engineering software and elect to provide their pipeline engineers and technicians with the Pipeline Toolbox software. The Pipeline Toolbox is available in three separate configurations, each containing more than 60 individual engineering, stress, hydraulic, and design calculations commonly used by pipeline professionals.

Cost and time-efficiency are expectations for users of the Pipeline Toolbox. With pipeline professionals using the same software tools and calculations, a company can get to the 'one pipeline' way of doing business and reduce their operating costs in the process. The bottom line for all standardization initiatives is a more efficient and cost-effective pipeline. The Pipeline Toolbox software can contribute to the bottom line.

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