Trachte, LLC Trachte, LLC is a recognized leader in the manufacture of pre-assembled, transportable, fire resistant, equipment shelters & packaged buildings for electrical substations, aviation, telecommunications, defense, public utilities, pump stations, control houses, wastewater, and other definite purpose applications where there is a demand for a premium quality, cost-effective solution to the well known issues of on-site construction and integration of complex electro-mechanical systems.

Modular and expandable, – completely pre-assembled, pre-packaged buildings, shelters and large format enclosures are available in transportable sizes from 6’x 6’ up to 30’ x 72’ with an interior floor to ceiling height of up to 10’+ .

Engineered to meet your specific requirements for floor and roof loading, emi/rfi factors, seismic category, wind load values, fire ratings, and thermal performance packages for locations from Arctic to Tropical.

Trachte, LLC
Trachte, LLC
Trachte, LLC

Walk-In shelters & buildings are factory complete with all electrical, HVAC, lighting, humidity control, fire suppression / detection, security systems, Telco/data ports, cable trays, battery rooms, - etc. All buildings and shelters can be fitted with customer specified equipment and proprietary systems.

  • Electrical Control Buildings
  • Sub-Station – “Power House”
  • Power Distribution & drop-in modules
  • Fiber Optic Hub shelters
  • Airport Equipment & Nav shelters
  • Switchgear & Motor Control shelters
  • Pump Houses
  • Skid Mounted Portable Labs
  • Mechanical Rooms (core modules)
  • Metering & Instrumentation Facilities
  • Oil & Gas Applications
  • Critical UPS & Generator Shelters / Modules
  • WWTP – (FRP option)
  • Cellular & Microwave Sites
  • Emergency & Proprietary Radio Shelters
  • Remote Monitoring Stations
  • Medical Equipment Rooms (modules)
  • Equipment Penthouses (roof or wall mount)
  • Transportable Repair & Maintenance Shelters

TRACHTE is "the best of both worlds" integrating the permanence and flexibility of site-built construction with the quality and project management of factory-built prefab modular shelters. Don't hesitate to contact TRACHTE today to learn how their shelter solutions clearly stack up against site-built buildings and to quickly provide you with a detailed quotation specific to your needs.

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