UltraVolt, Inc.UltraVolt, Inc. ®, located in Ronkonkoma on Long Island, NY was founded in 1990 to take advantage of over 35 years of experience in the military and aerospace marketplace. The founders combine innovative entrepreneurial skills with extensive experience in high-voltage-power-supply design and manufacturing.

In its planning phase, UltraVolt completed a comprehensive market survey of over 100 industries and over 400 applications. The results of this survey enabled the company to define and focus an intensive R&D effort to both design the product line and to standardize its manufacture.

UltraVolt’s design incorporates a fixed-frequency, high-voltage (HV) topology that provides wide input and output operating ranges, while retaining excellent stability and efficiencies up to 92%. Voltages as low as 0 to 62V or as high as 0 to 40kV are packaged in miniature “palm of the hand” sizes for power levels ranging from 100mW to 250W.

In its production phase of development, UltraVolt recruited a team of experienced HV personnel to develop a manufacturing system based on concepts of automated surface-mount assembly and the best elements of certain military documentation procedures.

The UltraVolt facility is outfitted with specially designed, product/component-test and burn-in fixtures including ATE and ESS. Vacuum encapsulation and specially configured cure ovens provide the necessary temperature-controlled environment for UltraVolt’s thermally balanced encapsulants.

Inventory and material control requirements are met using an extensive, in-depth, standardized inventory of parts backed up by vendor stocks. Product quality is assured by UltraVolt's grass-roots-based quality system, and is focused through its Next Step Inspection System and by its Quality Coordinator. All aspects of their customer service are supported by their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.UltraVolt, Inc.

UltraVolt’s standard HV DC-to-DC converters operate from low-voltage DC power sources such as batteries or AC-to-DC linear or switching supplies. UltraVolt’s HV Rack® Series of high voltage systems operates off a line voltage from 80–250VAC at 47 to 63Hz. Various UltraVolt HV power supplies are safety agency approved through component listing programs UL/CUL, with CB test certifications supporting the UL/CUL, CE and DEMKO marks. All high voltage modules are offered with full RoHS compliance. These features directly support two trends in product design: first, to engineer products for a global market with a common design; second, to utilize a distributed power system where a single universal input AC-to-DC switching supply provides power to LV loads, LV DC-to-DC and HV DC-to-DC converters throughout a system.

For application-specific configurations not supported by UltraVolt's standard product line, UltraVolt's Customer Service Department can assist on a modified standard. The modified standard can be re-ranged, trimmed, equipped with auxiliary outputs, or certified for extended temperature operation.

UltraVolt’s staff is excited to be part of every design. Contact their world-class customer service department with your questions today. Their focus is, and will continue to be: Making High Voltage Easier!®”

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