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Category: Power Factor Correction (PFC) Products
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Vincotech is a market leader in power modules. An affiliate of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, the enterprise excels at developing and manufacturing high-quality electronic power components for Motion Control, Renewable Energy, and Power Supply applications. Vincotech, a preferred source for all power modules, understands customers' needs and furnishes both off-the-rack and applications-specific solutions to ensure they are met.

Leveraging the considerable engineering and electronics integration skills and experience of 800 employees worldwide, Vincotech develops the best solution for the customer in collaboration with the customer. The company's credo is listen, think ahead and keep tomorrow's requirements in mind when engineering today's solutions.

Headquartered in Unterhaching near Munich, Germany, Vincotech also owns and operates a production site in Bicske, Hungary. The ISO / TS16949-, and ISO14001-certified factory in Hungary develops and manufactures all power modules. Designed to comply with the RoHS and REACH standard, these modules are subjected to a battery of electrical and functional tests prior to packaging to ensure they fully satisfy Vincotech's rigorous standards for quality.

Pairing reliability with passion, it is the Vincotech workforce that ensures our performance promise of Speed and Flexibility benefits customers so they can address the market that much faster and more flexibly. Streamlined processes and face-to-face support at every step of the customer journey — from determining specifications, drafting offers and developing prototypes to delivering in volume — accelerate rollout and boost delivery capacity for customers' products. Drawing on an end-to-end modular system and a peerless skill set, Vincotech delivers precisely what every customer needs.

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Technical Articles

Current Carrying Capability of Solder and Press-fit Pins - Application Note (Relays and Relay Accessories) This application note investigates the current carrying capability of a standard solder able pin and a Press-fit pin for Vincotech's power modules. The measurements are carried out on an application... (View Full Article)
Flying Capacitor Topology for Ultra Efficient Inverter Applications (Power Supply and Conditioning) The Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) inverters are widely used in highly efficient solar, UPS and other power electronics applications. This topology provides advantages in switching losses in a reduced... (View Full Article)