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FaulhaberMICROMO - Your Full Service, Value-Added Partner for Micro Motion Solutions

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Since 1961, MICROMO (FAULHABER Group) has provided the highest performance micro motion solutions in North America for diverse markets, such as medical devices, robotics and aerospace and defense.

Decades ago in Germany, it all started with the FAULHABER coil, the landmark invention by Dr. Fritz Faulhaber. The self-supporting, ironless rotor coil design paved way for a new industry that produces millions of motors today.

FAULHABER coil from MICROMOMICROMO brings together the widest range of high quality linear and rotary micro motion solutions, decades of dc motor technology expertise and complete, full service design, sourcing and manufacturing capability on a global basis to deliver benchmark solutions.


MICROMO’s benchmark contributions with custom motion solutions are a part of many  leading applications such as a variety of robotics technologies (including medical and defense),  numerous portable and handheld pumps, ultrasound scanning systems, optics systems, and unmanned systems technologies.


MICROMO’s value-added capabilities include the following:

  • Widest range of rotary and linear motion solutions
  • ISO 9001 and 13485 certification
  • Clean room subassembly (12,000 square feet, class 100,000 capable)
  • Express Prototyping – assemblies from a wide variety of stocked components (two days)
  • Machining center  (5,000 square feet)
  • Extensive engineering, design and program management  services and testing facility
  • Customization from design concept to assembly
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Local inventory
  • 73,000 square foot facility in Clearwater, Florida

MICROMO has helped a wide array of industries for years through a variety of applications. MICROMO’s experienced engineers look beyond just components to offer solutions optimized for your device’s mechanics and electronics. The MICROMO team looks forward to partnering with you to make your next design a success.

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