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Category: Electrodes and Electrode Materials
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Servometer©, an MW Industries company, is dedicated to the design and manufacture of metal bellows, bellows assemblies and other related components that allow our customers to create innovative solutions and advance technology across numerous and diverse markets including aerospace, semiconductor, defense and oil and gas. Servometer is ISO9001:2008 Certified.


  • Electro-deposited Bellows
  • Bellows Assemblies
  • Electroforms
  • Flexible Shaft Couplings
  • Gold Plated Contacts

Technologies and Services:

  • Proprietary electro-deposition
  • Forming and Stamping
  • Design engineering
  • Consulting
  • Prototyping

Servometer specializes in engineering and manufacturing one of a kind metal bellows solutions. We excel at working with our customers and facing their design challenges together and coming up with a product solution that meets or exceeds their performance requirements.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction by delivering parts and assemblies that our on time and within budget. Expect personal attention regardless of quantity or detail from the very first design to the finished product whether you need one prototype quickly or thousands of parts.

Our team also serves as a valuable resource providing after sale support. Manufacturers rely on our vast experience to provide advice and assistance as a conscientious partner who will work with their manufacturing team to confirm that the Servometer product is properly tested, installed and working at optimum performance during its product life cycle.

Start the design process today by filling in and submitting on line a Custom Design Form. Your form will be promptly submitted to our Engineering Services Department and a specialist will respond within one business day.

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