Since 1961, Janis Research Company has been providing the scientific and technical community with the highest-quality cryogenic equipment for research, characterization, and industrial applications. Over the years, our family of customers has grown to include some of the world's largest corporations and best-known research centers and institutions. The reasons for this record of success are simple: precision engineering and quality manufacturing; ease-of-operation; day-after-day reliability and performance; and a level of service and support unmatched in the industry.

Janis Research recognizes that obtaining a cryogenic system represents a long-term commitment for most scientists; therefore, we are devoted to providing you with the highest level of quality and customer support. Just a few of the ways we accomplish this are:

• Sales and service are provided through a worldwide network of trained and knowledgeable representatives.
• A dedicated Janis Research sales engineer is responsible for each system from conceptual design through post-installation support.
• A stable workforce draws on decades of combined service, and applies this experience to the assembly of each cryogenic system.
• Customer approval of the final design drawing is obtained for all customized systems.
• Records on all systems, modifications and design improvements are meticulously maintained for the reference of any future user.
• Turnkey systems are supplied by offering a full line of cryogenic accessories.
• Each system is fully integrated and tested before shipping.

In addition to our complete line of laboratory cryogenic equipment, Janis Research offers a wide range of award winning custom system design capabilities. With in-house computing facilities, computerized designs and manufacturing capabilities, Janis' experienced physicists and engineers are readily available to discuss your special requirements for any type of cryogenic application

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