AGC International, LLC is the umbrella company which has brand and marketing control over a group of companies which represent 100 years of leadership in the oil, gas, and fluid filtration industries. The group includes the areas of all petroleum fluid management which now encompass recycling, re-refining, and refining of petroleum products, petroleum waste and crude.

Allen Filter Elements

• 5 Micron Filter Element
• Allen 10 Micron Absolute Particulate Filter
• Allen Activated Alumina Filter Element — AA Series
• Allen Cellulose Filter Element — CF Series
• Allen Duck Cloth Filter Element
• Allen Fullers Earth Filter Element
• Allen Microfiber Filter Element
• Allen Polypropylene Filter Element
• Allen FlowMaster™ Solids Element
• Allen Stainless Strainer Filter Element
• Water and Solids Element
• Coalescer Filter Element
• Gas Coalescer Filter Element
• Separator Filter Element

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